What you say is your religion
How you say it’s your religion
Who you love is your religion
How you love is your religion
All your science your religion
All your hatred your religion
All your wars are your religion
Every breath is your religion

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Pride may enter a poor man’s heart; avarice may reign in a cottager’s bosom; uncleanness may venture into the quietest home; and anger, and envy, and malice may insinuate themselves into the most rural abode. Even in speaking a few words to a servant we may sin; a little purchase at a shop may be the first link in a chain of temptations; the mere looking out of a window may be the beginning of evil. O Lord, how exposed we are! How shall we be secured! To keep ourselves is work too hard for us: only thou thyself art able to preserve us in such a world of evils. Spread thy wings over us, and we, like little chickens, will cower down beneath thee, and feel ourselves safe!



Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful 

Oh hello, Mr Luhrmann.

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You stared down your monster when every muscle wanted to hide and I wish you hadn’t had to, but now you’re stronger inside. You’re my hero, the way you go through it all…

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Oh praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead


"This time I’ll be different I promise you. This time I’ll be better, I want you to know. This time I’ll be special, oh God, make it so."

- Robbie Williams, DIFFERENT

Yay for seeking opportunities and making things happen.


"Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry, you don’t know how lovely you are."


"This time I’m going to be stronger I’m not giving in"

- Rudimental feat. John Newman, NOT GIVING IN

I forgot how much I appreciated the creative arts.  How much good art affects me.  It’s like I can hear my heart again after being deaf to it for a very long time